EE 360D: Signal Analysis I

Fall 2017

Course Information

Professor Peter Stubberud

Fri 3:00 - 4:00pm

TBE B311

My Information

Justin Le

TBE B310, SEB 3219

Office Hours: MoWe 7:30 - 11:00 am

For appointments, please contact me two days in advance.


  • 11/08/17.

    The due date for Assignment 4 has been extended to 11/17/17.

    The due date for Assignment 5 still stands, but only Exercises 1 through 8 will be required.

    The due date for Assignment 6 still stands, but only Exercises 1 through 7 will be required.

  • 10/13/17.

    Assignment 3, Due 10/27/17.

    Assignment 4, Due 11/10/17.

    Assignment 5, Due 11/24/17.

    Assignment 6, Due 12/8/17.

    As the semester progresses, the professor or I might remove some exercises from these assignments.

  • 10/11/17. The example code from Dr. Stubberud's handout (Figure 2.20) can be implemented in Matlab as this script. Block diagrams can be implemented using a software called Simulink, which can be opened directly from the Matlab environment. However, please note that some installations of Matlab do not include Simulink. TBE A-311 has Simulink installed, for example, but many other labs do not.
  • 10/6/17. The due date for Assignment 2 has been extended to 10/13/17.
  • 9/25/17. Some solutions to problems that might be useful, especially for understanding the first exam.
  • 9/22/17. Assignment 2, Due 10/6.
  • 9/08/17. Assignment 1, Due 9/22. Please email screenshots of your figures to Chris Hicks at
  • 9/01/17. Please note that the meeting time/location has been changed from the official course listing.